Thursday, September 2, 2010

the bean turns five

this has been a big few weeks for us. the bean not only started kindergarten (gulp), but she also marked the fifth anniversary of her arrival into our world. we had a few things planned to end our very busy summer, and one of them was our first trip to dutch wonderland. the bean decided she wanted to try the roller coaster... and she did! she was so brave, and loved it so much that she just had to go on again immediately. then we had to try everything, and all the time she was giggling and screaming "this is fabulous!" (i have no idea where she picked up that expression.)

as the last ride of the day she opted to get on one of those circles that spins so fast that you're glued to the wall... not my favorite. she wanted to go alone, so i told her what the ride would be like, kissed her goodbye, and waited breathlessly for the ride to stop so i could see her face. i knew either she'd come out crying or triumphant, and all i could do was hope for the best and be there when it was over.

i think that's what being her mom will be like all the time from now on. but for the record, she loved it. so proud of my big girl.

happy birthday, bean.

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