Monday, November 30, 2009

file under "what was i thinking?"

i've always been a person who believed if i think i can do it, i can. well, this week is pretty much going to test that theory once and for all. because i will manage to be in three places at once this weekend.

i'm really excited about the Holiday Shop-n-Stroll, from the awesome folks who brought us Handmade Mart. i'll be there in a tent, in december, and i'm looking forward to it!

i'm super disappointed not to actually BE at this show, a favorite of mine, but thanks to my friend emilie, my work will be at Holiday Heap. i'll be stopping by at the end to do some quick shopping, since there will be some great vendors there!

i'm trying out the Greenbelt Festival of Lights this year with the ladies of BEST. i'll be there sunday, but my work will be there on saturday too!

so, as you can see, i'll be spread pretty thin this weekend, but i have plenty of work for all of these shows thanks to my can-do attitude and lots of coffee. but since my work can't be three places at once, if there's something you're interested in, just tell me, and i'll make sure it gets to the right show. now if only someone can make sure i get to the right show!

ok, see you around this weekend!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

thank you!

to all of my wonderful customers, friends, and family, thank you for letting me do what i love! as a special thanks, i'll be offering free US shipping and $1 international shipping on any order over $10, from wednesday, november 25th through monday, november 30th. just checkout as normal, use the code "thanks" in the "notes to seller" section at checkout. i'll refund your shipping via paypal once i receive payment. have fun!

happy thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009


image by shopworthy

well, not really, but we've learned that having a child in pre-school means having perpetual runny noses, and lots of other fun stuff. the sickness hit the day after halloween, and somehow, here we are 2/3rds of the way through november!

well, after having a busy week in the shop last week, i'm now caught up on orders, recovered and getting ready for the few shows i have in december. (you can find my schedule here.) i'm a bit behind in beefing up my etsy shop, but if there's something you want, please please contact me and i'll be happy to make it! i'm just a little behind on photos.

i'll post more on my shows soon, but in the meantime just wanted to share that we are healthy! awesome!