Tuesday, October 30, 2007

don't worry, martha...

no one here is going to be taking your place. over the weekend i made spider cupcakes for a halloween given by my oldest friend, based on the ones from the martha stewart halloween magazine. i searched high and low for the black sugar they used, and after having no luck even finding an empty space where black sugar should be, i settled on chocolate sprinkles. i left the icing white because i still shudder at the way i turned the mouths an entire birthday party gray because of the amount of black dye i had to use to get the raven (bird, not football team) dark enough. i did love that cake, but everyone still remembers the mouths.

ah well, not exactly martha. but the kids liked them and i do love the way they cast a shadow... ick!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

unfinished business.

well, these last few weeks i just bit off more than i could metaphorically chew. it really hit me tonight after i fell asleep on the sofa, sitting up, clutching toys in my hands which only moments before i had been using to entertain the bean. time to go to sleep. i've got about 26 half-finished projects to finish up tomorrow...