Thursday, May 13, 2010

art star, here we come!

my east coast tour 2010 continues with art star craft bazaar this weekend!!!! i'm super excited, it's the first time i'll be there, since this is the first year i'm doing more traveling. i've got a ton of work to take, already packed and ready to go. i'm still working on some new pieces, but here's the new stuff i have so far.

this is an updated version of the vintage flower headbands, with some newly found vintage plastic flowers.

i'm loving these new felt feather barrettes! these have a vintage button accent and are secured to an alligator clip. and yes, i cut each of those notches by hand, separately!

the bean is trying to make off with these new flower headbands (which is always a testament to cuteness.) they're tonal felt with czech glass seed beads sewn to the center. they're stitched to the nice stretchy headbands that everyone has been asking for.

so, i hope to see you in philly this weekend, may 15th and 16th, down by Penn's Landing on Walnut Street (click here for directions.) i'll be in booth 113 with my friend jennyjen42. hopefully i can manage to be in the same tent with her all day without buying this.

see you there!

Monday, May 10, 2010

a first birthday and other randomness

it's hard to believe it's been over a month since i've blogged! we've begun what i'm calling our "east coast tour 2010," which so far has included richmond va, for the spring bada bing show, and new york city (or as the bean says "you nork") for a belated birthday trip for me. we were lucky enough to get tickets to the tim burton show at moma, and spend a day in the super cool natural history museum. i am a longtime fan of tim burton (at 14 i already knew i wanted to live in a house just like the one in beetlejuice), and rick and i have a very special attachment to the nightmare before christmas. i'd never been to the history museum, but am now totally obsessed with it. the dioramas... love.

then we settled in back home for a relaxing (ha!) weekend at home to celebrate the little guy's first birthday. it's amazingly hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that a year has already gone by. i made this super sweet little dinosaur cake, inspired by the one here, though i think that one is cuter.

anyway, wow, a year. it's been a rough one, an amazing one, there's just not enough words to describe it. but we're lucky, very, very lucky, to get to see a smile like this every day. we love you, boo!