Friday, March 19, 2010

at last...

felt colors

under the heading of "things i've wanted to do for going on two years now but haven't had the chance to do"- a new swatch sheet! now i'll be able to take more specific custom orders, rather than guessing whether your idea of chocolate brown is the same as mine!

does this picture make anyone else as happy as it makes me? oh, the colors!

and yes, i'm singing etta right now.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

spring is here (almost!)

just a few photos the bean (4) took yesterday of our first official springlike activities. yay, warm weather! may your days be filled with blue skies, long shadows, and chalk drawings.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a break from the norm

i love what i do, i love playing with color, i even love cutting the same shapes over and over. and over. but once in awhile, while my hands are busily cutting, my mind is working in an entirely different way. so i took a break in the last few months, and started playing around with those ideas. the ring above is just one of them. my friend sherry of dandelionblu took the pictures for me (in addition to making some pretty amazing enamel jewelry she's a very talented photographer) and i'm so happy with the way they turned out. the pieces may be popping up somewhere in the future, but for now, i'm back to work on my flowers. spring show season is coming!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


you may not know, since i rarely have the time to blog these days, but i am crazy about photo styling. crazy. we get a catalog once in a while that has such completely abysmal photo styling that mr bean dreads its arrival. while i'm paging through pointing out bad color combinations or misplaced props i know he's wishing he could run away... on the other hand, when i get a new magazine that has some amazing photo shoot in it, he's desperately afraid that i'm going to decide that our dining room needs yet another new dramatic installation or that the hallway must be repainted in stripes.

when janelle from baltimore magazine asked me to give her "lots" of pieces for a photo shoot, i was completely floored by the concept. i've told her before that being an anthropologie display veteran has totally warped my sense of the word "lots." my mind started racing and i imagined the most amazing sets and clothing. for me, after a job where spending a 40 hour work week stringing gumdrops is completely normal, a project that uses "lots" of anything has the kind of attention to detail that i go crazy for.

the magazine came out last week, and it surpassed even my fairly overactive imagination. just check it out for yourself.

this beautiful photo shoot was a collaboration between the lovely people at red tree and baltimore magazine. you can see the whole shoot here or go here to see more photos from behind the scenes. and of course, make sure you pick up a copy!