Thursday, April 8, 2010

national press

so, this issue of southern living magazine has been out for a few weeks now, but i'm still super excited about it! look at my little flowers, just popping off the page there. thanks to everyone who let me know they saw it before i did!

in other news, back to working and enjoying the sunshine. spring bada bing is next weekend!

Friday, April 2, 2010

spring scheduling

i can't believe it's april, but april it is. spring is here, and i've got the show schedule to prove it.

first up, on april 18th, spring bada bing in richmond, virginia. this show was my very first ever, and it's put on by the super-awesome richmond craft mafia. it's held a plant zero, which is a really fun venue, and i'm really looking forward to it this year.

next up, may 15-16th, in philly- one of my favorite cities, is art star craft bazaar. this is my first art star, and i'm really excited about it. i'll be sharing a booth with my friend jen of jennyjen42.

indie art by the sea is technically a summer show, but what the heck. i'll be in fort adams state park in rhode island for the first ever indie art show. looking forward to it!

still waiting to hear back from a few other summer shows (fingers crossed!) but you can always keep up with me here on my website.

hopefully i'll see you this spring!