Saturday, June 19, 2010

our ocean should be blue

since i saw this photo a few days ago, my need to do something to help out in the gulf has increased greatly. i'm always one of those people who runs in the direction of trouble to try and help out (often to my husband's chagrin), and it's really hard for me when i just don't know what to do.

i've always felt a special attachment to the ocean, often finding myself making the 3 hour drive there as a younger person needing to clear my head. i hope one day to be brave enough to try snorkeling or scuba, because i need to see the brilliant colors that lie beneath the surface of the water.

i can't ignore what the water in the gulf looks like now, but i can try to hope that it will once again be the brilliant blue it always is in my mind. i'm still not really sure what to do myself, but i'm going to try and help out the people who do know what to do.

the audubon society is working to help rescue and protect the wildlife and habitats of the area. to help them, i'll donate $5 from the sale of each of these ocean blue flowers. they're made from eco-felt, which is made entirely of recycled plastic bottles, so they're environmentally friendly as well. you can choose your flower to have a 2" silver plated barrette attached, or a bar pin, so that it can be worn on your shirt, hat, or bag.

if you'd prefer, donate directly. every little bit helps.

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